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1.Team should report half an hour (30mins) early to the court.

2.Team should be in the form of 1 PLAYER

3.The participants are required to produce valid college id card and an

authorization (bonafide) letter from their respective college principal.

4.Player should wear their individual college sports dress code

during the competition.

5.No protest will be entertained under the decision of the umpire is final.

6.Organizing secretary will have the right to change the schedule of the matches.

7Each college should appoint a coach/manager to represent their respective college.

8.No TA, DA will be paid to the participants & coach, manager, physical director.

9.Player should report the organizing secretary by 8.00 am  on 28-04-23   at M.I.T.S playground.

10.Team/any team member not reporting on time will be disqualified from the match.

11.All rounds Match will be played for 21points 1 set.

12. For semi-finals and finals 15 points- 3 sets. [Following BFI rules  and regulation]


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