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Become a Campus Ambassador for Ashv today

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work". -Thomas A. Edison

About the programme

          ASHV The Race of Talent is the annual  Techno, Cultural & Sports fest of the Madanapalle Institute Of Technology and Science, Madanapalle held in february. The festival is attended by Indain engineering  and Science colleges. This year we are exhilarated to enlarge our  acquaintance base and recruit  capable and enthusiastic  Students from across  different colleges  along the length and breadth  of the country.


            ASHV-2020 Campus Ambassador program is a platform for students who are passionate about Technical, Cultural & Sports  to get  exposure in the respective streams. ASHV-2020 Campus Ambassador is a leader with keen  interest  in  starting  and  building  a community  of  diversified  knowledge  gaining  enthusiasts.

Campus Ambassador Registrations Closed.





You will Publicise ASHV 2023 in your college.Task will include:Display the posters of ASHV  2023 on college bullitens and  notice boards,and publicizing the events  of ASHV 2023  on Social Media channels by sharing and posting(in different groups).


Help us  in organising  presentation in your college when our publicity team  comes to your college for publicity.


You will be the face of the  contingent  from your college.Your inherent  responsibility  will  be :getting  maximum participants from your college.



All  eligible (who satisfy the criteria) Campus Ambassadors will get

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Access to a network of student          ambassadors

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Free Accommodation

Free Registration

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A certificate  acknowledging  their Campus Ambassador program from ASHV

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Food Coupons

Bridge the gap between your college participants, authorities and Team Ashv for exchange of queries and information.

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Special incentives  to top 10 Ambassadors

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Get featured in the list of Campus       Ambassadors

Get the limited ASHV Merchandise

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A chance to interact with the guests at ASHV

VIP passes for pro-show and other events

Contact Us


+91 8186885844

Sree Vani.K

+91 9182985324

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