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Madanapalle  Institute of Technology & Science

UGC - Autonomous

A Two Day National Level Techno-Cultural-Sports Fest

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Code Wars

Code war is an event in ASHV-20 where participants will fight with their knowledge of coding.


1st PHASE: (20 min)

  • Team size should the maximum of 2 members.

  • The technical theme (C, C++, Java, Python)

  • Tools used: Geany, Terminal, Hacker Rank

  • Evaluation criteria:

    • The team will be chosen for further rounds based performance and quick submission of answers.

    • For different B.Tech classes we have the different set of programs.

    • Time Limit:20 Mins

2nd PHASE: (30 min)

  • We will be given a set of clues for cracking a code, whose output is served as input to other programs.

  • Evaluation criteria:

    • The team will be chosen for further rounds based on performance and quick submission of the answer.

    • The detailed instruction will be given at the time of Event.

    • Time Limit: 30 Mins.


3rd PHASE: (40 min)

  • An algorithm will be given for which participants would be asked to write a program for its implementation.

  • Time complexity and space complexity, decides the best coder, in turn, the winner.

  • Evaluation criteria:

  • The time complexity of each contestant will be evaluated, and code with least complexity will be awarded.

  • Time Limit: 40 Mins.


  1. Participation Certificate will be provided for every participant.

  2. The attractive cash prize will be given for winners.

  3. The registration fee for Individual is Rs.100/-

  4. The registration fee for Group is Rs.200/-



        We will provide labs and platform for different languages as mentioned above if any problems occur during the event regarding hardware and software we will resolve it.

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