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Madanapalle  Institute of Technology & Science

UGC - Autonomous

A Two Day National Level Techno-Cultural-Sports Fest

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Project Expo

It’s high time to get into real time application of whatever knowledge you’ve gained through the books…..come on let’s be a part of this campaign and prove ourselves, bring out the true talents in us.

Here’s the Ashv 20  giving you the best exposure to the practical world.Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science brings to you a platform to do so…


Rules and Regulations

  • The project may be based on experiments or research or could be plain innovation mainly related to Department.

  • The project synopsis with all the required software etc., must be submitted in 2 hard copies and 1 soft copy.

  • There can be maximum of two members per team.

  • No queries regarding results are entertained and the decision of the judges is final.

Contact Us

Sukesh Kumar V
Project Expo Coordinator
+91 79957 21621

Syed Mohammed Mateen Husain
Technical Coordinator
+91 8297472017

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